Valerie Atkinson, Chair

Valerie has been a proud and supportive member of CIGC since 2009 when her eldest daughter Olivia, now JO 9, joined recreational gymnastics. Hot on Olivia’s heels is Hazel in JO 2, whom we are confident everybody knows! Not only has Valerie watched both of her daughters thrive in the sport, but has also had the pleasure of watching the Club itself flourish! She is a firm believer that “it takes a village” and is very proud of the gym family that CIGC has become. In her spare time, she can be found being active in nature and the Bow Valley community with family and friends! “I am extremely proud of the hard work and dedication that the members, staff, athletes and board members have all contributed to CIGC. We are all learning and growing together – practice makes progress, not perfection!”



Janet Creaser, Vice-Chair

Jen Feikes, Treasurer

Kathleen Ridgley, Secretary

Kathleen’s story of coming to the Bow Valley is a typical one.  She first moved to Lake Louise for one year to ski and work.  As a flat-lander, a year in the mountains was a big dream!  Now it’s been over 20 years that Kathleen has called the Bow Valley home. Kathleen and her husband have been a proud parent members of CIGC for 7+ years.  Their three kids have been involved in the Club since they were each 3 years old.  Gymnastics was one of the first programs 3-year olds could join in Canmore, and the rest is history.

“CIGC has been a huge part of my family’s life and has given us so much.  Two years ago, I wanted to give back to the Club we love so much by joining the board.  It’s been a lot of work, but the reward of the deeper friendships and the learning experience has been immeasurable.  I look forward to returning to the board for another year.”


Adele Folliot, Member at Large: Coach Liason


Sheila Bagley, Member at Large: Fundraising

Sheila moved to Banff in 1995, where she met her husband Jonathan. They have enjoyed our outdoor playground by skiing, hiking, climbing, back packing and biking over the years. They have a 13 yr old son Ben, who loves golf and plays hockey in the off season and their 12 yr old daughter, Sarah who loves dance and is in level JO 6 this year at the Gym.  She is passionate about keeping her kids involved in sports and other activities that help them to grow their strengths, personalities and confidence.  She has been supportive and giving of her time in all the sports/activities their kids have been involved in; including leading Girl Guide Programs for 4 years, helping coach soccer, managing Ben’s hockey team, volunteering at school when I can, and fundraising for various sports/activities they have been involved with.  She has been the Fundraiser Co-ordinator for CIGC this past year and has enjoyed the challenge.   She joined the CIGC board in January 2017 as a MAL and has been essential in club planning and function.  “I have found the past board to be very respectful, focused and engaged at meetings, as well as supportive of coaches and athletes needs.  Above all, the past board, including myself, has been determined to make the club the best it can be and  I would be happy to take on the MAL position for another year if voted for.”

Deb Lantz, Member at Large



Nancy Kirk, Member at Large