Look before you leap!

For a safe and positive experience, these are the rules at CIGC:

  1. Group leaders are responsible for the conduct of their group and must ensure that group
    members adhere to the following rules of the gym.
  2. No footwear in the gym — bare feet only. Outdoor footwear is removed and placed neatly on the shoe racks outside the change – room doors.
  3. During a session, participants must remain with their group at all times. Permission is required to leave the class for any reason.
  4. After bath room use, wash hands for hygienic reasons (things spread fast in a gym). Also, anyone with plantar warts must tape the area on feet or hands.
  5. Proper attire must be worn (shorts and t-shirt are fine). Baggy clothing is a safety concern.
  6. Absolutely NO jewelry is to be worn. Please leave valuables at home. CIGC is not responsible for lost or stolen property.
  7. No gum, food or drinks are allowed in the gym area.
  8. Participants are not permitted on equipment before the start of class or after class has finished. No equipment shall be used by any participant without the expressed permission or direct supervision of the supervising coach.
  9. This gym is a nut-free facility — CIGC has some members with life-threatening allergies.
  10. Allergies/medical conditions: If a required to carry medication, advise the coach and keep such medications labelled and in a designated spot — specifically, medication required for life-threatening interventions (epi pens, inhalers, medical alert bracelets, etc.)

Thank you for paying attention.


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