Each month the CIGC coaches will select athletes from our programs who display excellence in a chosen attribute and are a leading example of CIGC’s values. Each athlete will be recognized on our website and Facebook page and will receive a special award!

November: Integrity

Interclub Girl: Kiana Murdoch
“Kiana works hard and at her own pace, and her coach never doubts that she completes everything in her program to its fullest and with proper form. She is kind and quiet but very trustworthy and honest!”

Comp Boy: Conrad Boiger
“Conrad demonstrates the definition of integrity: the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles, in relation to gymnastics training.”

Comp Girl: Jesse House
“Jesse always gives 100% on her conditioning no matter if she is being directly supervised or working individually. She gives an honest review when completing her programs and always can always be trusted not to take any shortcuts.”

Recreational athlete: Lily Lynch
“Lily is always nice to the other kids and she can be trusted to lead the group. She is very kind, honest and supportive to others in her group!”

December: Kindness

Comp Girl: Kayden Crowe
“Kayden is always keen to help out her group mates, by encouraging them to try their hardest and face their fears. These qualities make her an excellent teammate!”

Comp Boy: Quinn Webster
“Quinn is the first to help out and encourage the younger athletes. He has been a very positive & kind influence as a coach to the pre-comp boys.”

Interclub athlete: Nina Hoerle
“Nina demonstrates kindness by showing support to her group mates, both when they are succeeding or working through a challenge. She always has nice things to say to people, that brighten their day!”

Recreational athlete: Carl Madsen
“Carl is patient with his groupmates, and is supportive when another child is successful learning a new skill. The coaches enjoy seeing Carl’s enjoyment that he gets from encouraging his fellow classmates!”

January: Dedication

Competitive Girl: Rianne Hambly
“Rianne’s dedication to gymnastics is evident through her commitment to the program, drive to reach her goals, and excellent work ethic. She sets an example for our younger gymnasts that it’s possible to dedicate yourself to competitive gymnastics while still being successful in Grade 11 studies and outside activities.”

Recreational Athlete: Eva Matheson
“Eva attends 3 days of recreational classes per week in addition to her Interclub group. The coaches notice her dedication through her tireless efforts to learn new skills and for her excellent attendance during her 4 days of gym per week.”

Interclub Girl: Madaleine Landals-Pickard
“Madaleine is often working on individual programs and always completes these to the best of her ability. She is determined to have a successful competitive season and her strong efforts and attendance reflect this quality!” 

Competitive Boy: Johann Bohard
“Johann has had perfect attendance through this season since September…he deserves a cupcake!”

February: Love

Competitive Girl: Ellery Milne
“Ellery is always kind and gentle with her teammates. She shows her love for gymnastics through her motivation to learn new skills and be the best she can be!”

Competitive Boy: Charlie Halliburton
“Charlie certainly loves gymnastics. He’s the only MAG athlete who comes to 2 different programs every week, attending Boys Provincial 1 comp & parkour.”

Interclub Girl: Olivia Bergstrom
“Olivia’s love for gymnastics is apparent through her attendance in both recreational and interclub programs. She is a kind and supportive teammate in all of her classes!”

Recreational Athlete: Heather Gunn
“Heather is always smiling, and giving out hugs and encouragement. Her love for the sport and her love for others shines through!”

March: Determination

April: Respect

May: Team Player

June: Fun

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